Lesson plan(s)
Algebra Tiles
Virtual Algebra Tiles allow your students to explore algebraic equations visually. Algebra Tiles are particularly appropriate for representing binomial multiplications and quadratic equations.


General Coordinates Game
This applet asks students to enter the coordinates for a house plotted on a coordinate grid

Whole Number Cruncher
In this In/Out Table game, students enter a number and see what the Number Cruncher does to it. The number cruncher only adds and multiplies to get the Y value.
Number Cruncher
Number Cruncher is an In/Out Table game that allows students to see the results when they put a number in the Number Cruncher. The Number Cruncher has students determine its rule - which can be add, subtract, or multiply.

Simple Maze Game
This is a game that challenges students to plot points on a coordinate grid without crossing a mine.